Why glass is your best option for pool fencing

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Having a home swimming pool is great, especially on those hot afternoons when there is nothing like a relaxing swim to cool off. A pool is an asset to any home but with pool ownership comes responsibility as well. You must ensure that your pool is out of bounds when you aren't around, and you must keep your pool safe for children. As a homeowner, you must ensure that your property remains a safe place for children to play even if you aren't personally watching them every second.

Installing pool fencing is the best way to make your pool area a safe place for children. Pool fencing is a legal requirement in Australia, although the requirements do vary from State to State so it is vital that install fencing which can protect your family while complying with the relevant legislation.

What are your fencing options?

Pool fencing solutions range from everything from mini-fencing to full enclosure fencing. To decide which solution is right for your pool it may be helpful to talk through your options with a pool fencing expert who will be able to show you the choices and how they might look around your pool. You will have to take into account the potential cost of the pool fencing but you will also want the appearance and longevity of the fencing to be considered.

What material should you use for your pool fencing?

Aluminium or steel are often suggested for pool fencing but most Australian pool owners prefer to opt for glass pool fencing. It is slightly more expensive than aluminium or steel but the aesthetics of a glass pool fence are much more attractive. Glass pool fencing immediately provides a premium look to your pool. Here are three reasons why glass pool fencing is the right choice for your home swimming pool.

1. Glass pool fencing preserves the view: When you are swimming up and down the pool, a metal fence can be a real problem. You look up and all you can see around you is metal pool fencing blocking your view. A glass fence lets you look out onto the surrounding garden allowing you to easily communicate with your friends and family who aren't in the pool and providing a real sense of surrounding space.

2. Glass is durable: Durability may not be an obvious characteristic of glass but the strong glass used in pool fencing can easily last for decades. It will withstand even extreme weather conditions and will not rust or decay like some types of metal pool fencing.

3. Glass needs less maintenance: Why spend your free time maintaining your pool fencing? A metal fence will need regular attention to preserve it from decay but a strengthened glass fence will require much less routine maintenance.

Talk through your pool fencing options with a fencing distributor today to learn more.

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