Top Considerations When Hiring a Fencing Contractor.

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Finding a Great Fence For Your Property Yo! My name is Bobby and I live on a large property in Sydney, Australia. When I moved out here, I realised I was going to need to have some new fences installed. The previous owners had let the existing fences fall into disrepair and I was worried that people would gain access to my land. I called in a fence contractor who assessed the land and explained the different fence options available to me. In the end, I decided to opt for a steel fence. I am really pleased with how the fence has performed. I hope this blog helps you to find the right fence for your property.




A beautiful fence can significantly increase the appeal and value of your home. Although there are numerous DIY guides on how to install a fence, it is best that you hire a fence contractor to conduct such works. Fencing contractors have the technical know-how and necessary equipment required to erect a sturdy and long-lasting fence. In the excerpt below, you will learn how to choose a fencing contractor. 


To avoid unscrupulous contractors, conduct some research to determine reputable fence contractors in your locality. Ask friends and neighbours for recommendations or conduct some online research in real estate forums. 


Your choice of contractor must demonstrate a high degree of professionalism. He or she must show interest in understanding the scope of your project. The contractor might ask you vital questions such as

  • What are the dimensions of the area to be fenced? He or she might ask you to draw a rough sketch of your compound.
  • What materials will you use? The contractor might ask you to evaluate various fencing options to ensure your home stands out.
  • Where will you source the materials? Most contractors have long term relationships with fencing companies. As such, they may source materials at a slightly lower cost.


The fencing contractor will visit your home to check the following:

  • The presence of underground utility lines such as water, power, and telecommunication lines. He or she might contact the local council to know the exact location of these lines.
  • Hindrances such as slopes, trees, and rocks along the area where you want the fence erected.
  • The quality of soil. Special considerations will have to be made if your plot sits on clay soil or rocky ground.
  • The need for permits. Different cities have varying laws regarding the need for a license when erecting fences.

The inspection will also help the contractor determine how long the works will take and how many personnel are required on site.


After inspection, the fencing contractor should provide you with a detailed quote. You may need to compare quotes from different companies before making your decision. Remember to inquire about any extra charges that you might incur. Also, ask about the payment schedule. Most contractors will ask you to pay in installments until the project is complete. 

When hiring a fencing contractor, evaluate his or her reputation, professionalism, and pricing. A good contractor will inspect your home before providing a quote. 

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