5 Types of Balustrades

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In many places, balustrades are compulsory for all staircases and balconies with a 1-metre height or more. Balustrades are the railings that you see on stairs or balconies. They increase the aesthetic appeal of your house and also reduce the occurrence of accidents. This post will explain the various types of balustrades.

Glass balustrades

A glass balustrade will improve the beauty of your house, staircase and porch. It has an appealing appearance in both exterior and interior utility. They are also transparent, which gives your home a spacious ambience. Glass balustrades are useful in both commercial and industrial structures. They are also easy to maintain since they do not need a lot of cleaning.

Steel balustrades

If you are on a tight budget and want your home to exhibit sophistication and elegance, then steel balustrades are the most compelling option. They are weather-resistant and durable. Steel balustrades are easy to install, and you can pair it with the wooden staircase. You could also use it in your patio to give a feeling of openness and space in the living area.

Wood balustrades

These balustrades are ideal for traditional staircases. You can blend wood balustrades with steel or glass balustrades. You can paint or stain these balustrades in a colour that suits your taste. It is wise to stain or treat these balustrades routinely, especially when you install them outdoors. This process will prevent damage from bad weather or pests.

Stone balustrade

This balustrade is perfect for commercial structures. They have an exquisite appearance that matches the classy look of commercial buildings as well as their environment. You should take note of the expensive nature of these balustrades, and if you opt for the carved stone, you will part with more cash. The good thing about stone balustrades is that they are worth each penny.

Polymer balustrade

A polymer balustrade is the most compelling alternative to wood since they are more affordable. This balustrade consists of a limestone-dust mixture, polymer pigment and resin. It will give you an exquisite look, and the material is light. You can carve various designs from this balustrade.


The above five types of balustrades are broadly available in the market. Selecting a balustrade is easy when you have a proper design in your mind. You should determine the final look of your staircase or balcony for easy installation. In case you have a problem selecting the ideal balustrade, then you should seek assistance from a professional designer.

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