Three Places To Install Tubular Fences Around Your Home

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Fencing protects your property, increases its security and helps to organise your yard. When examining the various options, consider how the barrier will improve the aesthetics of your home. Tubular fencing is one sturdy type that adds elegance and beauty. As well, it's exceptionally versatile. Here are three places to incorporate it around the landscape.

At The Front Of Your Property

A front fence is highly visible, so it's important that it complements and harmonises with your home's facade. Tubular metal fences are available in various colours — black, green, white, fawn and grey are several popular shades which you can blend with the landscape. Either install a simple flat-top design or go for an elaborate, embellished model. Whether simple or ornate, tubular fences evoke a classic, timeless aesthetic. You can also add to the effect with a beautiful, decorative tubular gate.

The railings can integrate with other elements within a fence also. Your fence could feature brick, stone or rendered cement, and tubular railings could fill in sections of the structure. It could, for instance, bridge the spaces between pillars.

Around The Pool

If you have a pool, a prime concern is probably safety. Tubular fences are ideal for enclosing pool areas and protecting children. Because you can see through the railings, you can watch them playing in the pool from other parts of your garden, helping to keep everyone safe. Childproof gates further control access.

Tubular metal fences are incredibly durable so that splashing pool water won't cause a problem. Aluminium naturally resists corrosion, and steel typically has a cover of zinc or baked-on paint that protects the inner metal from water damage.

Surrounding the Patio

A patio creates a relaxing outdoor space for you to enjoy and unwind. To help organise your yard and create an outdoor cafe look, why not surround the area with a handsome tubular fence? Metal harmonises with various materials, whether your patio has natural stone pavers, colourful gravel, bricks or lawn.

While railings separate the terrace area, they create an open feel by not forming an opaque block. The gaps allow refreshing cooling breezes to float through, so you can sit and relax in the sunshine without the atmosphere feeling stagnant. Additionally, you can coordinate different areas of the landscape, in the front and backyard. To create a further sense of cohesion, if you have a staircase inside your home, install a complementary railing design.

Contact a fencing contractor to learn more about tubular fencing.

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