3 Critical Benefits of Underground Gate Automation Motors

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What type of gate do you have? Is it the traditional type that is operated manually? If your answer is affirmative, then you should replace it with an automated system. Gate automation has become so popular among property owners that most people consider it mandatory for security reasons. Auto gates have different types of motor systems. Some have ram arms, while others are equipped with articulated arms. Notably, underground motor systems for automated gates are increasingly gaining popularity, and for good reasons. Read on to find out why you should consider an underground motor when installing an automatic gate.


In the past, a gate's purpose was functional and meant to keep unauthorized people away from a property. However, it is not the case today because your choice of a gate can enhance curb appeal. Sadly, it is challenging to retain a gate's aesthetics if you have an articulated arm and its motor box sticking out like a sore thumb close to the hinges. No matter how much you try to match a gate's colour with the articulated arm motor box, it will always look off. Underground gate automation systems are invisible, which explains why they are trendy. All that guests and passersby see is the motor's rustproof lid, allowing you to retain your property's curb appeal.


One area where ram and articulated arms fall short in automated gates is their lack of versatility. The gate openers can only be used on open patterned gate designs because arms have to be fixed on the railing for easier operation. If you install an articulated arm opener on a closed board, you need to screw it on, which does not look good. An underground gate automation system can be used on both open pattern designs and closed boarded gates because it is installed on the lowest frame. However, since closed boarded gates are heavier, you need an underground motor of higher specifications.

Quiet Operation

Automated gates are generally quiet, which is why most people love them. However, even automated gates have different levels of quiet, which can be determined by the motor's location. Automated gates with underground motors are some of the quietest in the industry compared to gates with above-ground openers. It is because the ground acts as an acoustic medium and muffles the sound produced by the motor. It is particularly beneficial if you live in a residential neighbourhood or operate your gate mostly at night.

To get help with an auto gate installation, contact a fence contractor in your area.

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